"Failure is the opportunity to learn from mistakes!"

Hi everyone, I'm Ashley!
A third-year business student at EBS PARIS.


I come from Madagascar, a big island in the southeast
near Africa,then moved to Paris after graduating from
high school. I was looking for experience, adventure and
expecting to learn new things in order to understand the
world around us.


Experiences means a lot in a life, they make us who we
are! Through experiences it’s important to find out what
we like or not and what we want to do in our professional life.

I have some experiences in selling by doing an internship
as a sales consultant in a huge upmarket shoe company called
Manfield and in a charity association. Also, I had the opportunity
to participate in a learning expedition in San Francisco from which
I drew some skills in basics coding, and marketing tools such as
adwords or invision.

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